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Steps for Effective Toothache Treatment

A toothache can prove to be very painful for people. If they are unable to get in to see their dentist immediately, they find themselves struggling to get rid of the agonizing and excruciating pain in their tooth. Depending on the pain tolerance of individuals and the severity of the toothache, some methods of alleviating pain will prove to be more effective as compared to others. However, it is most likely that the pain will not go away permanently until people go to see their dentist because most toothaches are caused due to an infection. The following steps should be followed if people are unsure of what to do for toothache treatment:

1-     The first and most important step is to contact a dental clinic right away. In case, individuals start experiencing toothache in non-office hours, they should leave a message at the clinic or call for an appointment as soon as it opens. It is still possible that individuals have to wait as dentists are rarely free and don’t talk on-the-spot patients. There are chances that the toothache is occurring because of infection and it’s unlikely to go away until a dentist deals with the problem.

2-     Some of the pain of the toothache can be reduced or relieved with the help of a pain reliever. The maximum recommended dose of a pain reliever like Ibuprofen is effective enough to take the edge of the pain until the dentist is available.

3-     Teeth should be brushed softly. There is a possibility that the pain may be occurring because a particle of food is stuck between the teeth and brushing will simply loosen the stuck particle. Moreover, some sugar might also be aggravating the tooth and causing pain, in which case brushing lightly will clean it up.

4-     Next step of toothache treatment, for instance a Brighton Dental Toothache Treatment, involves either swishing salt water through the mouth or putting salt on the infected area. Tooth pain can be relieved in this way because the salt will be useful in washing out the infection. In case the salt water feels too harsh to be taken into the mouth, people can simply use a wet cotton swab, dip it into salt and then apply it onto the affected area. Keep the cotton swab on the mouth for approximately thirty seconds and then rinse it thoroughly.

5-     Another remedy that can prove to be beneficial is to apply an ice pack on the side of the mouth. An icepack can be immensely helpful in numbing whatever pain individuals might be experiencing unless the tooth has become sensitive to cold items. Ice is helpful in reducing any swelling that might have occurred and can also relieve the pain temporarily. A heating pad can also be used in place of an icepack if the cold is irritating more, but it shouldn’t be used for long as the tooth might be irritated by hot items too.

These steps can be useful in alleviating pain temporarily until the dentist is able to render effective toothache treatment.

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