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Hard facts and treatment methods of obesity

Obesity is a health condition that is posing threat to the individuals spreading the wings of many disorders lined up due to its effects. It is a risk filled disorder we can say which has several scientific facts that is proven yet not understood by the individuals, leaving ways for the disease to spread over them. It is mainly due to poor life style management, unhealthy eating habits, without or no physical exercise and work outs. These weapons can somehow manage to fight the risks up to a level protecting the individual from dangers caused thereby.

Being obese is carrying more fat in the human body leading to increased cholesterol levels. High degree cholesterol is directly proportional to coronary heart diseases leading to blocks in the valves of the heart. Ultimately this condition would result in heart attack and stroke in the later stages. Sugar levels when increased in the body also are at a higher hazard state leading the individual to undergo the diabetic condition due to poor regulation of blood and urine sugar levels. Over a period of time diabetes has its own branches like glaucoma, poor eyesight, and other diseases developed one by one.

The realization that you are being overweight will first be felt in your bones where joint pains and difficulty to walk would be developed. Since the entire body weight is pressured on the hip joint, patients tend to endure severe back pain at work and otherwise, also the knee and ankles become very weak and unable to withstand the body weight and turn brittle and feeble over a period of time. Such orthopedic problems are collectively termed as arthritis in medical terminology. All these above stated problems are accompanied by breathlessness and inability to walk or move around freely making the condition even worse. These are hard facts but true and have to be understood deeply as their effects are even worse to endure.

There are several weight management programs in Ayurvedic, siddha and allopathic that has their own pace of treatment patterns on different forms of patient. It is thoughtless to ask a heart patient who is overweight to run on a treadmill or as a diabetic to starve and diet confining healthy stuff. It is therefore very essential that people opt to choose the right treatment that would suit their lifestyle and body conditions. Obesity Treatment in Ayurveda has proven great by making wonders in the most effective and natural ways helping patients reduce weight. Side effects are not found or are very minimal in this treatment where irritability allergic conditions at the cleansing stage would fall under the side effect category.

The treatment would begin with cleansing phase which involves intake of Ayurvedic medicine for Weight Loss made from herbs and roots for enhanced metabolic activity of the body. This forms the base of the treatment coupled with massages, strict and balanced diet, minimal physical exercise like games or walking, yoga or asana which can support the flexibility of the body. In this phased manner the results are guaranteed and also the chances of regaining weight soon is lesser than all other artificial machine treatments, diet pills and weight management programs. Beware of this alarming health risk and don’t fall a prey for it.

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