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Carbs for bulking up

When it comes to heading to the gym and working out, some people can feel disheartened if they see minimal results. The truth is that physique development is 75% about the macro nutrients you put into your mouth, how you fuel yourself before, during and after training.

The first thing you will need to consider is how many carbohydrates you take on. Those wishing to lose weight without exercise often try to eradicate carbs from their diet altogether as under certain conditions they contribute to the body storing fat. Carbs also encourage amino acids to help with muscle recovery, however – meaning that those looking to bulk up may actually want to look at raising their carb intake.


A good way of taking on carbs is to drinka meal replacement formula, as these will not only give you the quick and slow release energy needed to power through a gym session – but also give you the right volume of carb intake to replenish aching, weary muscles.

Another way to make sure that you are taking on carbs at appropriate times in the day, is to shop for convenience and buy yourself a few protein bars or protein flapjacks. These will not only give you a good protein hit to help prevent any muscle wastage but also feed your muscles with slow release carbs for energy.

The volume of carbs that it is best to take will vary wildly from person to person. Youngsters, for example, have a higher metabolism – meaning that they can take on many more carbs and see little of the weight-gaining effects. As people get older and their metabolism slows, the effect carbs have can change.

Intensity of workout will also play a part in how much is too much. For example, someone casually heading to the gym twice a week will – of course – not need the same intake as someone bulking up each and every day.

It& s also worth avoiding pushing the volume of carbohydrates you take in as that will not work to give you a boost either. When stored in the body, carbohydrate is glycogen, and under normal circumstances the body can only handle around 400 grams at a time, so pushing this to its limits may not give the boost that it may seem to on the surface.

So carbs are the cornerstone of any diet for someone bulking up, but tread carefully and give the volumes a thought before diving in.


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